I love small businesses as passionately as if they were my own. I love the idea of knowing my money makes a more profound difference in someone’s life.

Growing up in Miami, I’ve seen and supported many small businesses. I’ve met the families behind them and have watched them become family of my own. This community has shown me how important it is to lean on and support one another.

As I’ve grown older, I realized I have a lot more to offer them then just my dollars and coins. Today, I can offer them my knowledge, skills, and experience. Outsourcing marketing for your business means you can focus on what you do best and lets me do what I know best.

My goal is to educate and provide small businesses affordable marketing services needed to successfully market your business in this ever-changing economy.

What I Can Help With

Below are some of the services I provide to help alleviate the stress of business owners. Note: you do not have to live in South Florida to collaborate with me.

  • Web
    • It’s important to have an online presence – it’s a reliable source of information for your clients. I help build websites and manage them. This includes any graphics, copywriting, or SEO improvements.
  • Social Media
    • It’s important to have a clean and beautiful feed on all platforms. I can help build month-long marketing plans, including captions, pictures, videos, giveaways, etc. We’ll create a presence online and engage your customers. You’ll have high-quality images and designs from a veteran photographer and designer.
  • Content creation
    • Photography, graphics, ads, copywriting, etc. These services are at your disposal whenever needed – whether as digital or tangible assets.
  • Ad management
    • Whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, or any other platform you’d like to advertise on. I can also work on print ads as needed.
  • Email marketing
    • I can help create and manage your email list, as well as all the content that is sent through email.
  • Newsletter creation and management
    • Depending on your business, starting a newsletter is a great way to engage with customers and keep them updated on your business and products. I have a proven track record creating, managing, and deploying newsletters.
  • And much more, so if you would like to request something that isn’t listed above, please make sure to mention that in your inquiry.

For more information, questions, or to take a look at my pricing guide, reach out to me.