Please read! My services have recently changed.

Content Creation

My most popular service currently is content creation. I work with brands to create content for their social media pages, especially ads.

As a photographer, video editor, and graphic designer – there is a wide-range of fun and engaging content we can collaborate on to make your brand stand out.

Consulting Services

I’ve been a marketing manager for six years and love to work with businesses in helping them grow their brands all round.

What I Can Help With:

Web – I help build websites, optimize, and manage them.

Social Media – I can help build month-long marketing plans, including captions, pictures, videos, giveaways, etc. We’ll create a presence online and engage your customers. You’ll have high-quality images and designs from a veteran photographer and designer.

Ad management – Whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, or any other platform you’d like to advertise on. I can also work on print ads as needed.

Email marketing – I can help create and manage your email list, as well as all the content that is sent through email. I’ve specialized in email marketing campaigns since I started working in marketing professionally.

Newsletter creation and management – Depending on your business, starting a newsletter is a great way to engage with customers and keep them updated on your business and products. I have a proven track record creating, managing, and deploying newsletters.

And much more, so if you would like to request something that isn’t listed above, please make sure to mention that in your inquiry.

For more information, questions, or to take a look at my pricing guide, reach out to me.