I’ve been photographing since I was 15 and was gifted my first DSLR camera. I studied Journalism in high school, where I wrote and photographed for The Harbinger newspaper and the yearbook, Alpha and Omega.

Since then, in every marketing job I’ve had I’ve been able to photograph for my own work and that of others. I also mentor photographers and creatively direct their shoots.

In my free time, I also photograph for fun and for friends.

Please remember: all images on this page either belong to me or one of students (see disclaimer under NSU). You may not use these images or redistribute them without our consent. If you’d like to discuss the usage of an image or hire photographers, reach out to me here.

Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Disclaimer: All images were either taken by me or my student photographers, listed below, under my creative direction.
These images were used for websites, social media, flyers, or brochures. Please click on an image to view it in full size.

Personal Projects

All images below were taken by me for various projects: social media campaigns, small businesses, etc.


Photographs taken by me at some of my favorites places that I have visited.


Photographs taken by me from different leagues and tournaments in South Florida and other locations in the U.S.


Photos taken by me at events I was hired for.

Photographers That Have Worked For Me

Charissa Bacon

Krista Locklin

AJ Franklin