Email banners, Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, social media, newsletters, etc.

Landing Pages

Optimizing and strategizing content for landing pages, including layout, graphics, copyediting, call to actions, form optimization, etc.

Email Marketing

Create emails for events, lead generation, and conversions.

SEO Content

Create various pieces for websites to optimize search engine optimization, including articles, blog posts, or copywriting for web pages.

Writing Samples:

The following articles were all written by me. I helped establish and launch the FIU Chapman Graduate School of Business Insights website. I wrote for the college, as well as edited and managed all outsourced content.

FIU MSHIA – Why is CAHIIM accreditation so important for a Health Informatics program?

FIU MSHIA – What types of jobs can an M.S. in Health Informatics & Analytics help me obtain?

FIU MSHIA – What certifications can an M.S. Health Informatics & Analytics help me pursue?

FIU MSHIA – Is pursuing a career in Health Informatics right for me?

FIU MSHRM – What is the career outlook for jobs in Human Resources?

FIU MSHRM – What professional certifications can an M.S. in Human Resource Management degree help you pursue?

FIU MSHRM – Is a master’s degree in Human Resource Management worth the investment?

FIU MSHRM – Should you pursue a Master’s in Human Resource Management or an MBA?

FIU MSIS – Is specializing in cybersecurity worth the investment?

FIU MSIS – What are the benefits of a STEM-designated degree?

FIU MSIS – Should you pursue a Master of Science in Information Systems?

FIU MSIS – What is the difference between a technical degree and a business degree?

FIU MSIS – AI in healthcare, initiatives, and lessons as CIO in the pandemic era.

FIU MIB – 5 reasons why you should study international business.

FIU MIB – Why should business students study abroad?

FIU MIB – 5 careers to pursue with a Master of International Business.

FIU MIB – 3 significant differences between an International MBA and a Master of International Business.

FIU MSIRE – 13 careers to pursue in real estate.

FIU MSIRE – Why you should pursue a master’s degree in real estate.

FIU MSIRE – What to look for when comparing different master’s degrees in real estate.

FIU Professional MBA – 3 trends that are shaping the future of MBA programs.

FIU Professional MBA – 8 things to consider when searching for an MBA program.

FIU Professional MBA – When to start an MBA Program.

FIU MACC – Benefits of a Master of Accounting – Beyond the CPA.

FIU MACC – Pursuing a Master of Accounting (for non-accounting degree holders).

FIU MACC – Top 3 accounting specializations to advance your career.

FIU MACC – Why an ACCA partnership with graduate accounting programs is important.

FIU MSLSCM – Benefits of a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management.

FIU MSLSCM – Careers in logistics and supply chain management.

FIU MSLSCM – Earning a Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management fully online.

FIU MSLSCM – The future of the logistics and supply chain management industry.

FIU MSF – Networking tips for finance professionals.

FIU MSF – Why earn a master’s degree in finance.

FIU MS in Health Informatics & Analytics SEO Content