About Me

My name is Emily Rodriguez, and my professional full-time title is Director of Digital Marketing. I’ve worked in the higher education and academia space for seven years now (2022), and it’s something I love and am incredibly passionate about.

I’m also a freelance content creator. I love being creative and sharing it with the world. I’ve grown my personal content Instagram account to 25k in less than two years by creating fun and engaging content daily. I love to write, photograph and create videos. Now, brands reach out to me to help create content for them.

On top of that, I’m a roller skating instructor. I create and share instructional content online through Instagram and YouTube.

In any free time I have, you can find me drinking LOTS of Cuban cafecito, watching professional wrestling, reading a book, or binge-watching some pretty awesome TV shows.

Feel free to browse through my portfolio or fill out my contact sheet if you’d like to reach out to me for work or, you know, TV show recommendations. I’ve got plenty!